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Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator Tutorial
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Setup and Features

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Figure 13-1. The Lathe Duplicator mounts on the Mark V. The Mark V accessories that are used for spindle duplicating are: (A) drive center, (B) cup center, (C) tailstock and (D) optional steady rest. For faceplate duplicating a faceplate is mounted on the main spindle.

The lathe duplicator mounts on the Mark V Models 500 and 510 (Figure 13-1). To set up the lathe duplicator follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with the duplicator.

Some of the important features and capacities of your lathe du-plicator are:

  • Maximum spindle length
    - 34" with cup center
    - 33-1/2" with live center and no spacer
    - 32" with live center and 1-1/2" spacer
  • Minimum spindle length
    - 6-1/4" with cup center
    - 5-3/4" with live center and no spacer
    - 4-1/4" with live center and one spacer
    - 2-3/4" with live center and two spacers
  • Maximum spindle diameter
    - 8" for freehand turning or with flat template
    - 4" with an original turning as a template
  • Maximum bowl diameter
    - 8" for freehand turning or with flat template
  • Maximum depth of cut
    - 2-1/4" for duplication (up to 3-1/4" for light freehand cuts inside bowls)
  • Template specifications
    - 36" maximum length
    - 3/8" maximum thickness
    - 1/4" minimum thickness (smaller templates only)

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